About Shivani Financial

Shivani Financial came into existence on 1st August 2009 as a Forex trading consultancy firm in the Retail FOREX trading Industry. The CEO, Mr. Yasser Shivani dedicated around four years of intense and concrete trading on a forex live account. Through the pragmatic approach, the CEO learned the business thoroughly through realizing real losses and recovering from it. Shivani Financial is proud to introduce its Forex trading consultancy products and a gateway to trade in the international FOREX trading market through one of the largest FOREX trading brokers worldwide. We aim to provide a secured environment as no client funds remains with the company. The clients investment funds can only be accessed by the client under his name which provides transparency.

GBP/USD outlook

GBP/USD outlook: levels for 17th and 18th with little changes on 18th while EU summit ongoing

  • Intraday key level: 3178-91/3203
  • Targets below: 3162, 3149-43, 3128-14, 3096, 3069-65, 3049-43, 3003-2995, 2957-51, 2923 and 2785
  • Targets above: 3215, 3237, 3257-67, 3278-82, 3298, 3329, 3362 and 3414
  • Sensible range 1: 2957-3203
  • Sensible range 2: 3114-3362

Note: Watch out for any abnormal volatile moves due to uncertain Brexit moves that might change the picture altogether and ranges or levels might than not be or less respected.

GBP/USD outlook

GBP/USD outlook

  • Intraday key level: 4301-27
  • Targets below: 4292, 4278-63, 4232, 4219-06, 4189-79 and 4145-39
  • Targets above: 4337-45, 4375, 4416, 4428 and 4441
  • Sensible range 1: 4232-4345/75
  • Sensible range 2: 4301-4428

It has been a very busy and hectic time in trading for me to post the levels here. The work load was just too much and markets remained nervous too given the geo political situations, economic factors and the Brexit package. Since market is at extreme level, I thought to make it a little easier for the traders. Kindly have my good wishes.