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Career at Shivani Financial


Introduction of Company
Shivani Financial is a Commodities & FX Trading Consultancy firm working as a sole proprietor. We are referring broker for Pepperstone, registered in Australia.

Shivani Financial provides opportunity to work in the world`s most lucrative market of $3 trillion daily turnover. Following posts are available:


1.Independent Broker

Shivani Financial offers individuals to become part of the company through introducing and maintaining client portfolios. The independent broker shares upto 30% of the commission generated through his clients depending upon the portfolio size. Independent Broker has to manage the portfolios themselves upon company instructions.


2.Part Time Cash

Any student or a business owner can enter into a deal with Shivani Financial for referring clients. You refer client and earn up to 15% of total commission. This commission earning is only one time in the first month of trading.               


3.Sales Executive

There is a job vacancy for a Sales Executive. This is a target oriented job in which the sales executive is required to introduce new clients to the company through selling our Commodities & FX Trading consultancy services. Shivani Financial offers certain unique benefits for Commodities & FX Trading accounts and maintains the license for Australias largest Commodities & FX Broker, Pepperstone which is regulated by Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) in Australia and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in UK. The sales executive is required to capitalize on competitive advantages. 


4.Research Analyst


Requirements for Sales Executive
1.Knowledge regarding trading (Buying and Selling of currencies)
2.Good communication skills:
     Compulsory: English and Urdu
     Optional: Punjabi and Memoni
3.Art of influencing others
4.Well disciplined including language, dressing and punctuality
5.Good references and sourceful person in order to use contacts for sales purpose
6.Confidence in communication and determination for high success rate in getting positive     response from clients
7.Skills to handle crisis on panic situations if client gets frustrated or upset upon his portfolio and give them the right guidance  


Send your resume or application: hr@shivanifinancial.com
* Without proper risk management, currency trading has a high degree of leverage which can lead to large losses as well as gains.
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