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Equinix Trading Servers



Global electronic financial markets are becoming increasingly competitive. In such an environment, electronic trading systems and strategies are only as good as the infrastructure upon which they execute.


In Commodities & FX, time is money and milliseconds matter.


As a leader in this technology 'arms race', Pepperstone has partnered with NASDAQ listed firm - Equinix - to create state of the art Commodities & FX Markets infrastructure located just 11 miles from Wall Street in New York.



Within Equinix's NY4 center, Pepperstone participates in the Equinix Financial eXchange, a state-of-the-art network of execution venues, buy and sell side firms, and bank trading servers that are located at Equinix's high-performance data centers. The Equinix Financial eXchange provides Pepperstone with access to the widest choice of low-latency networks, and the ability to directly exchange data with strategic partners and customers in close proximity.


Optical Fibre Cross-Connection


Pepperstone is directly interlinked via Optical Fibre to Integral and a multitude of different providers in Equinix NY4. Direct connections via Optical Fibre, rather than a conventional internet connection, enable order transmission at increased speeds, resulting in lower levels of latency on our network. Pepperstone is also directly connected to the global internet backbone - ensuring wherever in the globe you are trading from, your orders are transmitted at the fastest possible speed.

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