Pepperstone's cTrader platform is believed to be one of the most innovative, sophisticated and revolutionary trading platform available on the market.


We believe the combination of Pepperstone's top tier liquidity, robust trading infrastructure and lightning fast speed provides clients the edge in the competitive foreign exchange market. This tool can enable direct access into the interbank market depth and much more, such as algorithmic based trading systems.


Designed by traders, for traders, the cTrader platform offers a user friendly interface that is highly customizable with different pre-sets and detachable charts so that it can suit the needs of any trader. Enhanced charting abilities and order management systems allow for more efficient management of your positions in fast moving markets.


cTrader enables clients to directly access Pepperstone’s full range of liquidity from its providers. Accessing these providers is designed to ensure clients receive the lowest spreads and best price available in the market.




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